SodaStream makes store-bought soda a distant memory.

Almost a year ago I called for a boycott of Pepsi products, including its soda brand, due to a tasteless commercial the company chose to run during the 2011 SuperBowl. Soon after this, Pepsi suddenly dropped to #3 in the soda market. Even if we can’t pinpoint this boycott as the straw that broke the camel’s back in this situation, I call it justice served.

Though I’m not much of a soda drinker anymore, I still like a little bit of the bubbly stuff from time to time.

More recently I came across a new product that makes it even easier for me to continue my unwavering boycott of Pepsi while satisfying my occasional craving for soda. It is called SodaStream -- it is a way of making your OWN soda at home.

It’s so simple it’s scary (mostly to the major soda companies, like Pepsi).

You have to purchase a SodaStream unit (costs about $80 on Amazon), which comes with your first carbonation tank. You fill the plastic 1-liter bottle (also included with the starter kit) with spring water, then screw the bottle onto the front.

Press the button a few times to inject carbonation into the water. When you hear it buzz, it’s ready. If you like your soda extra bubbly press it a few more times.

Pull the bottle forward gently to release the pressure then unscrew it. You’ve got your carbonated water.

Next, add some flavor (SodaStream sells bottles of soda flavor, including orange, ginger ale, cola and even energy soda) and viola, you’ve got soda that tastes just as good, if not better than the soda you’ll buy in a store.

Here are some other benefits:
  1.          The soda flavors have natural ingredients and don’t have high fructose corn syrup, which makes it a bit healthier than classic store-bought sodas
  2.          You can use the machine to make your flat soda bubbly again
  3.          No electricity or battery power required
  4.          Mix the flavors to make your own custom soda “brand”

I give this product 4 stars out of 5. 

I would give it 5 if not for the need to get a new carbonator every couple of months or so (they're available at a few retail stores), but to be honest ladies when you break down these costs on a yearly basis compared to buying several bottles of soda a week at $2 a pop, it is a valueYou can also trade in your empty carbonator for a deposit credit when you get a replacement one.



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